May 202011

This weeks exciting new releases!

The Exquisite Nudes by Adam Chase

These strange, beautiful creatures came from an alien world. They looked like statues and dressed like statues but they acted like — well…

Please note this story is NOT erotica.

Saucer! Saucer! by Henry Slesar

This flying saucer business has got everybody all mixed up. You keep hearing about sightings and meeting people who had a friend who knew a guy who saw one. But how do you start investigating on your own? Well, why not follow Bill Dover’s hunch? He started looking in a mental institution.

The Breeder by P.F. Costello  (pseudonym of William McGivern)
What sort of a world could possibly evolve wherein a man — moved by love and patriotism — eagerly delivers his loved one into the hands of—the breeder

A Home Among The Stars by E.K. Jarvis
In an icy wasteland if a murder were done, there would be none to know.



Apr 152011

This weeks new releases!

The Forgetful Celibate by E.K. Jarvis
Don Gangler didn’t think one of life’s greatest pleasures should hinge on so small a thing as a can opener.

The Lady Who Had Wings by Darius John Granger (Stephen Marlowe)
Did you ever find an angel lying dead in the snow? Few people have, so that’s what made Logans experience unique. Then other “angels” equipped with blasters, arrived on the scene. That made it interesting. Until Logan couldn’t figure out where his loyalty belonged — with his friends or his enemies.

Pitch Out by Kenneth Spaulding
The next time you go to a baseball game, watch the pitcher very carefully. He may not even be there. He may be trying to win a game in another world.

Ready-Made Nightmare by Bill Majeski
A man likes to have his accomplishments recognized. He likes to be acclaimed for his successes. So it was mighty frustrating to Tom Travis when he couldn’t bring back a single scrap of evidence to prove his—Ready-Made Nightmare