Oct 312014

This weeks new releases!
Enough Glory by Robert Leslie Bellem
Valley of Dreams by Stanely G. Weinbaum
The Iron Man by Robert E. Howard
The Outlaws of the Air by George Griffith
Wreckers of the Star Patrol by Malcolm Jameson

Oct 172014

This weeks new ebooks:
Death’s Autograph by Robert Leslie Bellem (Dan Turner)
The Dragon of Kao Tsu by Robert E. Howard
The Dark Other by Stanley G. Weinbaum
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Malcolm Jameson
The Angel of the Revolution by George Griffith

Oct 102014

New releases for this week!

The Fire of Asshurbanipal by Robert E Howard
The Fearsome Touch of Death by Robert E Howard (FREE!)
Tidal Moon by Stanely G. Weinbaum and Helen Weinbaum
The Face in the Abyss by Abraham Merritt
The World Masters by George Griffith

Oct 032014

This weeks new releases are:
The Haunted Mountain by Robert E. Howard (A Breckinridge Elkins Story)
Death Ends the Scene by Robert Leslie Bellem
Train for Flushing by Malcolm Jameson
The Feud Buster by Robert E Howard (A Breckinridge Elkins Story)

Sep 192014

This weeks new releases:
The Haunter of the Ring by Robert E Howard
… the Dead Don’t Dream by Robert Leslie Bellem
Tricky Tonnage by Malcolm Jameson
The World of Peril 1910 by George Griffith

Aug 082014

This weeks new releases!

Blind Mans Fluff by Robert Leslie Bellem
The End of the Story by Clark Ashton Smith
The Letters of Gertrude Bell by Gertrude Bell
Men of Honor by Will Garth (FREE)