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Different ebook readers use different formats, so how do you know what format you should buy your ebooks in?

eStar Books currently publishes our ebooks in four formats in one zip file, making it easy to pick which format works for you.

MS Reader (LIT) is the recommended choice for Pocket™ PC or if you want to read on both your Windows™ PC and Pocket™ PC.
RTF is the recommended choice for Linux™/Unix™ Computer, Franklin™ E-Bookman, eBookwise-1150, or Hiebook readers.
EPUB is the recommended choice for many eReaders including Sony, Nook, Booken, Cool-er, Pocketbook and a number of others. 
Amazon AZW is recommended for the Kindle
Do you need a different format? Our eBooks can be converted using the Calibre or Stanza both of which can be downloaded for free.
For more information on ebook formats Mobile Read provides a great explanation here.

What is this zip file mentioned?
It is simply a way to allow multiple files be compressed and downloaded at one time.
How do I unzip a file?

Windows Machine

> right-click the file, such as,
> then click Extract on the shortcut menu.
> follow the on screen instructions after clicking Extract
Mac OSX 10.3 or later have a built in utility that opens zip files.
>Open “Finder” and navigate to the Zip file you wish to unzip.
>Double-click the file you wish to unzip.
>The files contained within the Zip file will be automatically unzipped into the same folder as the original zip file.
>If you don’t have the utility installed several programs are available such as StuffIt Expander and 7-zip

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